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Butterfly is a premier experiential, interior and event design boutique specializing in creating unique environments for distinctive clients.

With over 15 years experience in crafting beautifully designed events, we deliver visually stunning results and memories by creating beautiful events that engage all the senses.

From concept to execution, our work and results are as flawless as your vision; we welcome being able to show you how!

by design

Our philosophy is simple. We don't have one! Rather than be constrained by a set of 'rules', we let our clients' vision dictate our response. From that point onwards, boundless creative talent coupled with a team of perfectionists ensures that your vision becomes a beautiful reality.

Our unique aesthetic is constantly being updated by our immersion in an exciting global cultural melting pot; an influence that allows us to offer both the traditional and the contemporary and everything in between.

Design driven without being too stark and beautifully engaging without being unnecessarily dramatic, rest assured that we can create what your mind's eye can see. and then some!




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